Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Relativism. Postmodernism. Nothing-is-absolute-ism.

Ooey-gooey nonsense.

I have the blessing of teaching at a Reformed Christian school that honors Christ as Lord over every area of life and thought. The school is majorly influenced by the God-glorifying philosophy of Cornelius Van Til and Greg L. Bahnsen. The school recognizes that you can't just tack on Bible to your list of subjects and truly be a Christian school. To be a truly Christian school, you must recognize that, apart from Christ, no subjects make sense.

But I am currently going for my credential--to fall back on in case I need to provide more income for my family. But to go for my credential, I have to endure relativistic, postmodernistic, "accept all cultures" nonsense.

Yesterday in my credential class, I was accused by a fellow student of being "narrow-minded."

Guilty as charged!

2+2 is always four. I guess I'm narrow-minded. Is two plus two ever anything other than four? My goodness, even postmodern relativists would say it is only always four. Aren't they being narrow minded here?

Christianity has to be presupposed to make sense out of anything. In that sense, it is the absolute truth. The Word of God is the absolute truth. I am so narrow-minded.

I am proud to be narrow-minded. If I were to embrace relativism, I would believe such ridiculous things such as, "What's true for you is not true for me."

OK. So, if I were a relativist, and my teacher were a relativist, then I can cheat on my test. If the teacher catches me, by what right can he hold me accountable? I would say that it's not wrong for me to cheat. He may say that he's the teacher, so what he says counts. But what makes him the ultimate authority in ethical matters? Is he self-verifying?

But the Word of God is self-verifying.

A girl in my class last night said that she worked with "trans-gendered youth." My professor then said that she taught a boy who wore dresses to school and danced in his dresses. My professor said we need to respect people like that.

I agree that in a certain sense we must respect them, being made in the image of God as they are. But we do not have to respect their worldview. Do I have to respect the opinion of a serial killer that it's OK to kill? What about someone who has sex with animals? What about someone who wants to expose himself publicly? What about the views of someone who believes that child molestation is OK? Etc., etc., etc.

Let's stop playing games. This is pathetic nonsense. It's time to call a spade a spade:

This is rebellion against God.

God is giving these people over to their sinfulness. They are becoming darkened in their reasoning. They cannot reason properly because of their self-deception.

And then they accuse Christians of being "narrow-minded" and "intolerant."

Will you tolerate my Christianity?

Then don't expect me to tolerate your sinful perversions.

I call anyone who believes that truth is relative to the absolute truth of the Word of God. The absolute Word of God declares that you are under His wrath and curse. Flee to Christ and repent of your sinfulness.

--Josh Brisby

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