Monday, September 19, 2005


We now begin our various critiques of non-Christian worldviews. I thought I would begin with the most ridiculous worldview of them all: atheism.

Atheism is foolish. I say this about all forms of atheism: evolutionism, naturalism, nihilism, etc. I could sum up the critique very simply.

Atheists always want to call themselves "freethinkers" and "rational" people. But actually, they are some of the most irrational people of all.

The atheist must borrow from the Christian theistic worldview to make sense out of anything. How can they allow for laws of logic? How did logic come about? It could not have come about through conventions of men, because of men sat down to decide what logic was, they would be using logic to decide logic.

The same goes for morality. In an atheist world, how do they know what good and evil is? There is no definite good or evil.

There is no truth in an atheist world. Everything is relative. How can 2+2 always equal four in an atheist universe? Everything is chaos and disorder in an atheist universe.

Yet, as we look around us, we see that the world, though fallen, has order. We see that there is order when we do scientific experiments. We assume that the sun will rise tomorrow. This is called the process of induction. We assume things are consistent, so we do our experiments in science assuming that things will act a certain way.

But atheism does not allow for induction either. In case you doubt me, consider the fact that atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an article called "The Problem of Induction." Even he admits that atheists have a problem here in their worldview.

So, the atheist worldview cannot even allow for scientific experimentation, since it cannot allow for induction. The atheist worldview cannot even allow for science itself!

Atheism is pathetic. It has no ground to stand on, and it has to borrow from the Christian theistic worldview to make sense out of anything.

Hasn't God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

--Josh Brisby


UncommonSense said...

The fundamental problem with atheism is that it requires such an enormous assumption. It requires the atheist to declare that he knows all that there is to know and that this comprehensive understanding justifies an out-of-hand rejection of God's existence.

Silliness, indeed.

Randy said...

If we really want to be toatally Biblical about it, there is no such thing as a true atheist. Every man KNOWS there is a God, it's just that so many try to suppress that knowledge. There is no excuse for one to deny the existence of God other than man's pride and utter sinfulness.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Josh, I know you think you're posting an effective takedown of atheism here, but...
I hope your thinking has developed significantly since you posted this.