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The title for this post I think is very appropriate. What I am saying is two things. First, we have come to the end of our posts critiquing non-Christian worldviews. Certainly, there are many more worldviews out there than those covered (I would also refer you to my brother in Christ's posts critiquing Islam and Buddhism at, but there is another reason I have entitled this post "The End of Non-Christian Worldviews."


I have come to realize something. I could never teach in a public school. I'll say it again, with italics: I could never teach in a public school. As of today, I am done with going for my credential. The credentialing process is harmful. But not only that, let me tell you my main reasons for saying that I could never teach in a public school.

In a public school, you can never address the hearts of children. Christ is taken out of the picture. Do we really believe, as Christians, that in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge? Then that means that only He can heal their broken hearts. Yet, in a public school, I would not be allowed to turn a child to Christ.

"Tommy, stop hitting little Johnny!"

"Why, teacher?"

"Because hitting little Johnny is wrong."

"But why is it wrong, teacher?"

"It just is."

The rather silly above conversation is, nonetheless, what a public school teacher would have to say. Now, one may say, "Come on, the child's not going to ask why hitting the person is wrong." That may be, but what we do in public schools is turn kids into little Pharisees. We teach them to obey, but not from the heart. Their hearts need to be changed! They need to have God's Law written on their heart. It is, in fact, harmful to teach children apart from Christ's Lordship. It is like putting a band-aid on a severed leg. If children learn obedience only externally, without addressing the heart of the matter, then the children will be turned into Pharisees.

Of course, someone will suggest that perhaps we could possibly try and reach the students by reaching the parents. You know, going over for dinner. You could talk about Christ then, someone may say.

The problem with this is that the heart is not addressed when it needs to be. You would have to put off addressing the heart, but you would have to teach the child to be "good little boys and girls" before then.

We are not good. We are evil. We need Christ. The public schools will never work. Nothing will work that takes Christ out of the picture. By Him all things consist, and in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. He is our righteousness and our sanctification.

We must beware of the yeast of the Pharisees. It is all around us.

Praise the Lord for the vocation I have. I teach in a Reformed Christian school that seeks to honor Christ as Lord over every area of life and thought. Even the so-called Christian (in fact, even many schools that profess to be "Reformed" Christian) schools are treating Christ like He is just our fire insurance policy; they think that Christianity is only an added bonus.

But when God called His covenant people to Himself, He intended them to set apart all of their entire life to Him.

Our covenant Lord has called us to Himself. May we seek to honor Him in all areas of life and thought. May we seek to take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ. May He renew our minds.

There are no values apart from Christ.

May the Lord be pleased to use me at the school I teach at now. I am truly blessed to be here, to teach in a school that truly shares my vision. I am blessed to teach in a school that does not compromise.

May Christ prosper His Word. May He grant me faith to trust in Him.

--Josh Brisby

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Randy said...

Once again, you have made us proud of you and the stand you have made. It is through God's grace that you have come to realize that government schools and evolutionary philosophies of C.I.N.O schools(Christian in Name Only) are in direct opposition to the teachings of the Bible, and to stand against them will bring unbelievable persecution upon you. May God continue to pour His grace upon you and keep you and yours safe.