Thursday, November 17, 2005


Why is it that we, as Christians, must persevere until the end?

The Bible is clear that only he who endures until the end will be finally saved.

Those of us who believe this usually speak in terms of "heaven," etc. Heaven is indeed a biblical truth. We are to lay hold of heaven, and to lay hold of eternal life.

But what are we really to lay hold of?

The prize is Christ Himself.

The Bride always looks forward to the Day that She weds. On Wedding Day, She is glorious; but She is glorious because She is a reflection of the glory of the One who is about to wed Her.

She waited long. She endured many trials during the courtship process. She loved being engaged to Her future Spouse.

But She wanted more. She wanted to be married to Him. She longed to be married to Him.

She wanted to have a Marriage Supper with Him. She longed to celebrate their Marriage.

She looked forward to the Day that Her First Love would become Her Husband. She longed to sit at His Table and have Him serve Her.

Yet He is Her Prize. She longed to lay hold of Him.

O Lord Jesus, the Christ, our First Love, our Groom: Grant that we would lay hold of You.

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