Saturday, December 17, 2005


I just found out that the lead singer of the first band I was in (called "The Big Cheeze") died suddenly of a heart attack last Wednesday.

His name was Cory Denton. He was very healthy, and athletically fit. He died of a heart attack during a soccer game he was playing.

This news came as shocking to me.

I remember spending the night at his house, playing chess with him, and of course playing in the band with him. He was our lead singer.

What should our response to this be?

We should pray that the Lord would have mercy upon us. We should recognize that God is the Source of all things. He is the Giver and Taker of life.

We should bow the knee before Him in repentance.

You see, this has been a wakeup call to me. Our death is imminent. We need to know that we are right with God.

There will be many on the last day who thought they were right with God, but Christ will tell them to depart from Him.


I have seen enough people fall away from the faith to last me a lifetime. When I was in Cory's band, shortly thereafter many in our circles started abandoning Christianity, and many started claiming they were Christians, but living lives like the world.

I have seen my own relatives abandon the faith.

I pray that God would be pleased to use this shocking situation to cause us all to seek His face in repentance and covenant obedience.

Lord, have mercy on me, the chief of sinners. Thank You for all of Your wonderful gifts. Thank You, most of all, for the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Lord our Righteousness. I pray that You would cause us to live in covenant obedience to You and to Your Holy Word. Cause us to live lives of repentance and faith. Let us walk humbly before You, our God. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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