Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sweet! Guess what everybody? I am debating my good buddy Paul Manata from on the subject of infant baptism right now on my blog. I've always wanted a public debate with him on this issue, so I suppose this is pretty public. Go to my post, "Baptists Can't Be Reformed . . . Can They?" and click on the comments section, then scroll down. Get out the popcorn and beer. Grab your spouse and your non-covenant children and get ready for some good entertainment. Who will win? Only you can decide. Enjoy!


BJ said...

Call me....My dog(Levi) ate my phone and I had to get a new one. All of my numbers have been lost and I need you to call me so I can get your number. I need Paul's too so I can pester him with questions when they arise. By the way nice debate...why did you dodge Paul's question about Issac for so long?

Paul Manata said...

Hmmmm, this is interesting since I never agreed to and didn't intend on having a "public" debate. I asked *a question* and then you rattled of a series of "arguments" which went far beyond the scope of my question. Also, why would you not check with me before tying me into a "debate?" Especially when I am getting married in 6 weeks? A bit under-handed. Now it looks as if I don't continue I back out of a "debate" that I never signed up for!

Well, I'll humor you for a bit, but this is not going to be a drawn out thing. I propose a limit, say, 5 back and forths?


Josh Brisby said...


My apologies--I didn't mean to tie you into a public debate--I merely meant to let my blog readers know we were debating. I agree with proposing the limit of 5 responses each. Sounds good.

Again, my apologies.

I didn't wait so long and I didn't dodge Paul's question about Isaac. I did answer the first time; perhaps I just more clearly answered the second time. I'll call you today.--Josh

Gary said...

Maybe the Infant Baptism debate has been approached from the wrong direction. Instead of starting with our disagreements, let's start with what Baptists/evangelicals and orthodox Christians AGREE upon: All persons who believe and have faith in Christ as their Savior should follow his command and be baptized as soon as possible.

So the next question is: Can an infant believe and have faith?

Evangelical and Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ: If I can prove to you from Scripture that infants not only can but DO believe and have faith, would you accept infant baptism as Scriptural?