Thursday, February 16, 2006


So who are elders of a church? Should we respect them? What about respecting elders of churches that are not our own? Or what about respecting elders of churches that we believe, for all intents and purposes, are not shepherding the flock as they should be?


I think that something for us to consider as a good example is David and Saul. King Saul did not like David. He hated him. He was not a good king. He was, in fact, a wicked king. But when David found King Saul asleep in a cave, instead of taking his life, he spared his life.

"Dare I touch the Lord's anointed?", David realized. In other words, although Saul was a wicked king, he was still anointed by God and given the office of king, and that is to be respected.

Likewise, let's jump back in time when Bill Clinton was president. Probably none of my blog readers like Bill Clinton. But if he were president, and I were to meet him and talk to him, I would dress up in a tuxedo and call him "sir" and "Mr. President."

But what about respecting elders of churches that we are not members of, and that we may even be suspicious of? I think the following example will suffice: If I were to meet Presidente Fidel Castro of Communist Cuba, I would still dress up in a tuxedo and use respectful language with him. Although he is, indeed, a wicked man, his office of President is still to be respected, and, therefore, he is to be respected.

And I would say this: I think even more should we respect men who are elders. True, some elders may not be good elders; some may not be shepherding their flock as they should, keeping the flock pure and practicing church discipline; and some may not even be biblically qualified. Yet, God has still established them and anointed them by setting them apart as elders. In fact, God even warned Israel to not get a king, but they would not listen. Yet, David still called Saul the Lord's Anointed, and he would not dare touch him.

We need to respect elders, whether they be of our own local church, or others; whether we have concerns and/or problems with elders of other local churches, or not. The fact is, God has anointed them, so we need to speak to them with reverence and respect.

We dare not touch the Lord's Anointed.


BJ said...

Great post Josh! I have many differences with Elders and/or Pastors from other churches, my families imparticular, and I always have to remind myself that although I disagree strongly with what they may be teaching my family members, and my family takes his teachings hook-line-and sinker, God is still sovereign and has placed this man in his position for His glory. I pray that the Holy Spirit would correct them and open their eyes to certain truths, but I still have to respect this man at all cost wether he is wrong or right.

Dax said...

Great post,Josh. B.J.-why don't you put a link to this post over on your blog.

Robert Cole said...

Will you email me your phone number. I would love to chat with you. Thanks,

Vile Blasphemer said...

Keep that blind devotion and respect coming! It makes sure you stay in check!

Josh Brisby said...

Vile Sinner,

I think we have proven time and again that the one who is blind is you. Your worldview has no leg to stand on.

God had mercy on me, a vile sinner. You see, I was once a blasphemer like you. God had mercy on me, the chief of sinners.

Don't be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatever you sow, you'll reap.

Vile Blasphemer said...

Proven to yourselves and your friends, maybe, but not to anyone who matters or is able to see past your zealotry.

Vile Blasphemer said...

Furthermore, of course God isn't mocked- he ain't there! TaDA!

Josh Brisby said...


When you speak of people who matter, by whose standards? I know you don't value people highly. By what standard are people valued, then?

You'll have to do a lot more than assert. Anyone can play childish games. If you want to play that way, then here goes: "Yes, God DOES exist. Tah-dah!"

You'll have to start debating rationally instead of just asserting and playing games.

Vile Blasphemer said...

You'll have to do a lot more than assert. Anyone can play childish games. If you want to play that way, then here goes: "Yes, God DOES exist. Tah-dah!"

Now you're getting the hang of and understanding the internet!