Saturday, April 22, 2006


Many men think that what makes them a man is if they can beat the tar out of some other guy. To be sure, it is important that a man learn how to defend himself and his family, and physically if necessary. But I'll tell you what separates the men from the mice.

I have seen men abandon their wife and children for another woman. I have heard of men running off because they can't handle the stress of financial hardship. Some of these men were muscular and "tough," physically speaking.

But these men are cowards.

You know what makes a real man? A man who is like the Man of Sorrows, the Lord Jesus Christ. A real man is someone who knows how to woo a woman and marry her, and then continue to woo her and pursue her after he is married. A real man is a man who is not afraid to have kids. A real man is one who leads his family spiritually. A real man is one who is committed to his wife and children for his whole life.

It is interesting to note that the book of Revelation says that outside of the heavenly city will be the cowardly, among others.

Our society is made up of cowardly men.

So to all the men who read this blog entry, let us ask ourselves:

Are we men, or are we mice?

--Josh Brisby


Nathan said...

hey Mr. Brisby, I like reading your blog because I know exactly what you'll talk about the next day during prayer requests. This is a nice exposition of "Real Men love Jesus", but I always thought that real men could bench 300 pounds..."I WOULD DIE TONIGHT FOR MY BELIEFS! I WOULD DIE TONIGHT FOR MY BELIEFS!...

steph said...

amen to that!

SuperSkeptic said...

I'm not sure I follow.

1) A real man is someone like Jesus.
2) A real man woos his wife both before and after marraige.
3) A real man is not afraid to have kids.

Jesus, according to every account but the Da Vinci Code, didn't woo any women, nor did he have children.

Why is a fear to have children equal to a lack of masculinity? What does that have to do with Jesus?

I was terrified to have kids. You've said that doesn't make me a real man, but I'm curious why that doesn't make me a real man. Why would you say that? Children are an enormous responsibility; that responsibility can reveal deep differences between man and wife. It is my opinion that those who are afraid going into it will be able to identify and deal with problem areas much sooner than those who are unafraid.

What, in your opinion, are the characteristics of a man who is afraid to have children that makes them not a real man? Is he gay? Is he not strong enough for X (please define X)?

In my search for faith, I have come up with many people who make the claim "Real Men Love Jesus." Please help me understand this.

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