Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hey all, once again I gotta give props to my gorgeous beauty of a wife. She is currently doing a series explaining and defending postmillennialism on her blog. I only did one blog entry before on postmillennialism, and it was only enough to whet appetites. I've considered doing a series on it myself, but quite honestly I may just let my little florecita do the job for me. She is quite capable.

Check it out on .

May our Lord be pleased to continue to bless the preaching of His holy gospel for the joy of the nations!

--Josh Brisby

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I have to give a shout-out to my wifey-pooh, and I wanna give props because she just started her own blog. Go visit and enjoy! I love my little florecita!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I just found out that a brother and sister in the Lord just had a miscarriage. But as I talked with this brother over the phone, he ended up encouraging me.

I was encouraged to hear him talk about how he and his wife delight in God's providence, and how happy they are that God has ordained all things, including this intense trial. We discussed how our Lord Jesus Himself grieved, and how He delighted in His humanity. And my friend commented on how this testing of his faith and the faith of his wife will develop perseverance.

My brother and my sister in the Lord, I am not worthy of you.

What would I do if something like that happened to me and my wife? I hope that by God's grace we would persevere and trust Him.

Over the years I have grown to become more and more in love with God's people.

I have seen a man abandon his believing wife and child, and this same child abandon the faith, leaving only the mother and former wife. But this woman today is stronger in the faith than she was before, and delights in Christ and His providence.

I have seen a man's wife die of cancer, and this man told me once that he wanted to go as well. But a short time later this same man told me that he finally came to the point that he thanked God for taking his wife, knowing that it was for the best in God's wise counsel.

I have seen another man abandon his wife and one-year old son, but his wife is still in the faith and the people of God have reached out to her in so many ways.

I have seen a married couple watch two of their sons abandon the faith, but they are still serving God's people in so many ways.

I have seen a couple's son fall and get seriously hurt, with the couple concerned that he may had been near his death. But during this time they trusted in the Lord, and prayed to Him.

I have heard of many other situations like these. The world is not worthy of these beautiful saints.

O people of God! Do you know how beautiful you all are? You are the radiant Bride of Christ! Christ is making you even more radiant! O Lord, grant that I would be a part of this beautiful Bride of Christ! O Lord, grant us perseverance when You bring us trials. Grant me perseverance. Grant me more love for Christ.

O Lord, Your Bride is beautiful.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Well, I don't normally do blogs on things which in eternity will probably not matter, but I had to share my thoughts on this whole boycott that happened today with illegal immigration. For those of you who have Spanish-speaking friends, or who speak primarily Spanish, I did this blog entry in English and Spanish. The Spanish is italicized, and the English is regular font.

Pues, no hago normalmente estos blogs sobre las cosas que no van a importar en la eternidad, pero tuve que compartir mis pensamientos del boycot que ocurrio hoy con la inmigracion ilegal. Para los que tienen amigos hispanohablantes, yo hice este blog particular en ingles y espanol. El espanol es italizado, y el ingles es regular.

First, let me say that I love the Spanish language. I am bilingual and fluent by God's grace and blessing. I enjoy having a country next door that speaks Spanish. But I am troubled by what took place today. As a nation, the United States has done much to help immigrants and non-English speakers. Yet we have immigrants who are here illegally and do not want to take the time to do the hard work of becoming legal. In other words, they want all the blessings of being a citizen without the responsibilities. Not only that, but there was a boycott in Mexico today, encouraging Mexicans to not buy American products. So not only are illegals protesting here, but Mexico supports these illegals. It is plain criminal, and Mexico demonstrated that it supports this kind of criminal activity.

Primero, dejenme decir que me encanta el idioma de espanol. Soy bilingue y fluido por la gracia de Dios y Su bendicion. Disfruto tener un pais que esta muy cerca que habla espanol. Pero me perturba lo que ocurrio hoy. La nacion de Los Estados Unidos ha hecho tanto para ayudar a los inmigrantes y a los que no hablan ingles. Pero tenemos inmigrantes que estan aqui no legalmente, y que no quieren pasar el tiempo de hacerse legales. Es decir, quieren todas las bendiciones de ser ciudadanos, sin las responsabilidades. Y no solo eso, pero habia un boicot hoy en Mexico tambien, donde no compraron los productos "gabachos." Asi que, los que son ilegales han protestado hoy, y Mexico les dio su apoyo de esto. Esto es criminal, y Mexico demonstro que apoya este tipo de actividad criminal.

I am grieved by all of this. This will obviously strain the relations between the United States and Mexico, which grieves me even further. But then again, what do you expect from Mexico--a country that was founded on greed, and continues to operate on these kinds of principles?

Me da mucha pena todo esto. Obviamente, las relaciones entre Los Estados Unidos y Mexico van a cambiar a lo peor, y esto me da mas penas. Pero, que piensan Uds. que Mexico va a hacer? Ese pais fue fundado por la avaricia y la corrupcion. Tambien, sigue existiendo por estas ideas.

Although I am first and foremost a citizen of heaven, I am blessed to live in the United States of America.

Aunque primeramente soy ciudadano del cielo, soy bendito porque vivo en Los Estados Unidos.

I also have some of my credential classes with native Mexicans, all of which do not approve of this kind of behavior.

Tambien tengo clases para mi credencial con muchos mexicanos nativos, y todos no apoyan este tipo de conducta.

Well, that's my two cents.

Y esos son mis pensamientos del tema.

--Josh Brisby