Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hey all, once again I gotta give props to my gorgeous beauty of a wife. She is currently doing a series explaining and defending postmillennialism on her blog. I only did one blog entry before on postmillennialism, and it was only enough to whet appetites. I've considered doing a series on it myself, but quite honestly I may just let my little florecita do the job for me. She is quite capable.

Check it out on .

May our Lord be pleased to continue to bless the preaching of His holy gospel for the joy of the nations!

--Josh Brisby


Aaron Kinney said...

Hey Josh,

I got a response for you regarding our moral discussion from a few weeks ago. I had a few harshly-worded parts, but I was very careful to direct them at the appropriate target: Christianity, and not you personally. I hope that is evident in reading it. Enjoy!

dax said...

Don't bother reading it Josh. He still never answers your questions.