Friday, July 07, 2006


Hey all. I just wanted to give you all a heads up for a good debate that will be taking place this Monday, July 10th, 2006. Former atheist and my brother in Christ and buddy Paul Manata of will be debating "former Christian" turned atheist Dan Barker. Please pray for our dear brother Paul Manata as he participates in this debate.

If you want to listen to the debate, you can click on the listen live link at 4:30 PM PST at .

I truly do believe that this will be a good chance to see apologetics in action, and to see the foolishness of the atheist worldview in action as well.

--Josh Brisby


Anonymous said...

hip hip, hoorayyyy

hip hip, hoorayyy

hip hip, hoorayyyy

Manata is a chump and he's going down.

Josh's Loving Wife, aka Angela Brisby said...

Isn't it funny that when you disguise yourself with the cloak of anonymity, you can say whatever you want and not be accountable for it.

Only a coward would hide the face of the antagonist who would say the things you did.

I am calling you out. A spade is a spade. And you, sir, are a coward.

olly said...

Well, I wasn't the one that said the original anonymous comment, but I have no problem saying that Josh is mistaken if he somehow thinks that the worldview of an Atheist is 'foolish' (Manata is mistaken as well). Show me how my atheistic worldview is foolish, without quoting Bible script to me, I'm curious.

olly said...

To add to that last quote, and along the lines of the back and forth Josh and I have already been having, lay out for me a logical syllogism as to why Atheism is a 'foolish' worldview.



Robert Cole said...

OK Josh,
I am now begging you to contact me. I would really love to speak with you on the phone. Please, brother. Thanks,
Send me a phone number if you will @

samurai said...

I clicked on the link - a few days late since I just came across your blog... but I find no reference to the debate, or any form of recording of it.

Thank you for posting the heads up - even for those of us too late to hear it. :)

Anonymous said...

hey josh, translate this post for me

Josh Brisby said...


Perhaps if you would not post anonymously, I will discuss translating it for you by phone. But you need to let me know who you are so I can give you my e-mail address.


John Doe said...

Josh, would it make you feel better if I just made up an identity?

G-olly G Wilikers said...


All those who say that God does not exist are foolish.

Atheists say that God does not exist.

Therefore atheisst are foolish.

Ooooo, I made a little syllogism. That was so hard, Olly.

Btw, what happened to your heror, Barker?

He said that we're no better than broccoli.

And atheism's not foolsih, ha!