Saturday, August 26, 2006


I love my wife so much. I have to brag about her.

Today, I offered to let her go out by herself for a while, because believe me, she could use time to herself. She is always serving others. But the first thing she said when I asked her at home if she was going to do that was, "What would I do?". She is so accustomed to serving others that she didn't even know what to do for herself!

Another thing she said was, "That's fine, but not for too long. I miss you already."

Not only that, but she wanted to use some of the spending money I gave her to spend on other people!

Angela Christine Brisby, you are all woman. I am so honored to be your husband. You are such an excellent example for me in your patience and servanthood, and in so many other ways.

I love you my beauty. You are my hero. Smooches and hugs to you!!!


Josh's Loving Wife, aka Angela Brisby said...

Awe...You're not so bad yourself ;) *smooch*

Mike said...

No offense, but this post is incredibly creepy.

Nathan said...

Hey Josh it's Nate. I am gonna be updating my blog alot so it would be nice to read some of your comments. I have had a crazy week here at Master's. It is so so different. It's actually really sad sometimes. Today at church I had a HORRIBLE time. Everything is so emotional, praise songs galore with loud praise band. If any hymns are sung they sing them really fast and they only sing "O Worship the King" or "Be Thou My Vision". Always presching on the Antichrist, blah* But read my blog and help me out. I am getting torn apart up here...

Josh Brisby said...


For what it's worth, wecome to The Reformed Oasis. Oh yeah, and sorry you can't handle the romance. :0)

Josh Brisby said...

Sorry, should have said "welcome" to The Reformed Oasis.

Jordan said...

Yo Mr. Brisby,
Como esta (please read that in bad spanish). You really do love your wife a lot, don't you. I've known people like that, so I can see now why you love her so much. God really has blessed you in giving you a wife who's so good for you.

Josh Brisby said...


Welcome to The Reformed Oasis!

Good to hear from you. I will certainly miss teaching you, and I will miss our theology--I mean, Spanish class, together. :0)

Have a good school year, and please stay in touch.