Thursday, October 12, 2006


This post I gently offer to my fellow Baptists.

I read, what I believe, to be a solid argument (from a Presbyterian brother) that should cause more consistency for us Baptists. It is namely this:

We Baptists say that baptism is immersion only. We do not believe sprinkling is a valid mode, because the word for baptism means immersion.

But why, then, do we only give a tiny square piece of bread/cracker and a tiny thimble of wine/grape juice at the Lord's Supper? By very definition, a supper is a full meal, and not just a small bite and small drink.

So, it seems to me that, if we were consistent, we Baptists would either (a) grant more charity to our Presbyterian brothers and sisters with regards to the mode of baptism, and allow for sprinkling as valid, or (b) go back to having a complete meal for the Lord's Supper (like the early church did, by the way).

May the Lord continue to guide us all and lead us into all truth and unity in the Spirit.


Reid Curry said...

I believe it should be a full meal. Why not have a moment during the middle of a fellowship meal?

Josh Brisby said...


That's the way the early church did it! Good thoughts. The early church also baptized by immersion as well. If we were consistent Baptists, we would do exactly what you suggested.

Again, good thoughts!

Gary said...

Dear Baptist Christian brothers and sisters, the "ritual" or mode of baptism is not what is important! If we must do everything EXACTLY as Christ did it, why do Baptists use "shooter glasses" in their Lord's Supper instead of passing around ONE "cup" as Christ did? The Baptist insistence on strict adherence to the ritual of Baptism is a violation of the New Covenant. We are no longer bound by ritual, but by the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and souls of men.

The mode of Baptism is not what matters. What matters is the convert's submission to God's command to be baptized, and God's response in and to this act.

Gary said...

Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran Bible scholars say that the Greek word "baptizo" means simply "washing". Baptist Bible scholars say that "baptizo" ONLY means "immersion". Who is right?

Why don't we ask a non-Christian linguistics expert for an unbiased opinion? He has no "dog in this fight".