Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Praise to the Lord God, the Almighty, the King of creation!

This vacation is the best vacation I have ever had so far. My wife and I have enjoyed God by enjoying His creation. We saw the Rockies, and it snowed while we did. I have been encouraged by a brother in my sanctification. And, as I type this at my parents house in New Mexico, it is snowing outside right now.

This morning, I stepped outside during the snow falling. Snowflakes are my absolute favorite thing in all of God's creation. The snowflakes fell on my arms. The ones that would fall on my arms would melt, but the ones that fell on the hairs on my arms stayed. Even with my naked eyes, I could see the design and detail of the snowflakes.

Let us really ponder this. God designed each and every one of those snowflakes. The designs are intricate, even to the naked eye. They are even more amazing when seen under a microscope, as "Snowflake" Bentley discovered. (Do a Google Search on "Snowflake Bentley.") Do you realize that not one of the snowflakes we have found are alike? There are different kinds, so they can be categorized. But every one we have found so far and examined is different. This means that, we can use valid inductive reasoning, and conclude that every snowflake that has ever fallen in the whole history of this earth has been different. God also knew that many of the snowflakes that fall would melt soon, and that many people would not even see some of them. Yet, He still designed these works of art.

As John Piper has correctly observed, God is a happy God. One of my friends has recently discussed with me how the existence of God is what we call "properly basic," even as it is properly basic that my wife is not a robot. Of course, there is tons more evidence for God's existence than for the fact that my wife is not a robot. Only an infinite, eternal, omnipresent, and timeless being could design these countless snowflakes.

Yes, the existence of God is as plain as the nose on your face.

O Lord, I praise You for the wonders of the snow. Indeed, I have not even begun to enter the storehouses of the snow. Indeed, You spread the snow like wool, and it does Your bidding. I praise You for Who You are. You designed each and every snowflake by Your sovereign decree. You are the joyous God of the universe. O Lord, who am I, that You would share Your beauty with me, even in this way? I am overwhelmed by Your beauty this morning. Thank You for saving me from the utter foolishness of atheism and open theism. Most of all, thank You for having mercy on me through Your Son.

O Lord, You are the God of the snowflake. You are praised in Your creation. Amen.

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