Monday, January 08, 2007


To my blog readers:

My series on theonomy will continue soon, but first I must make a public retraction and apology when it comes to John Calvin's views regarding theonomy. I should have studied more deeply before I declared publicly what Calvin believed on this issue. After having done further study, it seems that I cannot be dogmatic as to what Calvin believed. Calvin himself makes both statements that seem anti-theonomic, but elsewhere he makes statements that seem to be clearly supporting of the theonomic thesis. It is for this reason that I cannot be dogmatic as to what he believed.

For further reading, I recommend The Standard Bearer: A Festschrift for Greg L. Bahnsen, in particular Christopher Strevel's article, "Theonomic Precedent in the Theology of John Calvin."

I regret my careless error here and do hereby retract my previous post on Calvin's views.

--Josh Brisby


Paul Manata said...

Based on previous discussions we've had, I'd recommend not continuing your "critique" of theonomy.

Like James white who warned Dave Hunt to avoid writing his book, What Love Is This, critiquing Calvinism, in order to save Dave embarrassment, I extend that same warning to you.

Proceed at your own risk :-)

Colin said...

Another good source to research Calvin's views is Jack Sawyer's 1986 Master's Thesis: "Moses And The Magistrate: Aspects Of Calvin's Political Theory In Contemporary Focus".

It can be obtained from TREN:

It demonstrates clear compatibility of Bahnsen's Theonomic views with those of Calvin's.

Kazoolesss said...

Oops, sorry Josh. I thought if you retracted, it would have been in the comment thread.