Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have been grieved by John Macarthur's recent comments that he gave at the recent Shepherd's Conference. You can read about this online more or do a google search, but I am surprised that he would speak the way he did.

Let me be clear. I am not amillennial, but I think it is next to slanderous to claim that amillennialism is influenced by Arminianism.

Furthermore, I think that even amils could answer Macarthurs question of why the curses on Israel are literal but the blessings are transfered to the Church. Amillennialists (at least of the paedobaptist variety) would say that the curses are still offered to the Church if a visible member does not persevere, even as blessings are offered to those who do persevere.

Of course, as a postmillennialist, I think I have even a better answer for Macarthur. Why does one have to be amil to reject premil? In fact, I think one of the main strengths of the postmillennial eschatology is that it takes seriously both the timing of the eschaton, and the nature of the kingdom. I think this makes up for the weaknesses of both premillennialism and amillennialism.

Yet, I do not take a dogmatic stance on my eschatology. (See my recent post before this one.) However, I have some questions for Dr. Macarthur:

(1) Dr. Macarthur, why do you believe the Reformed faith has overwhelmingly rejected any form of premillennialism?

(2) Dr. Macarthur, do you really believe that the Reformed divines were Arminian in their outlook with regards to their eschatology?

(3) Dr. Macarthur, what has driven you to such a dogmatism with regards to your eschatology, especially when you are going against the majority of the Puritans and the Reformed divines?

Finally, I think there are always people who try to argue that their view is the "most consistent" with Reformed theology. In fact, check out an article by Richard Muller, a paedobaptist brother, which tries to argue that the continental Reformed tradition is the most consistent with Calvinism and Reformed theology. You can read the article by clicking on http://www.kimriddlebarger.squarespace.com/how-many-points/ .

Again, another warning against dogmatism.

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Nathan said...

yeah, pretty much MacArthur is lame. Only 6 more weeks of him and then I am outta here for good. Josh I have tried to call you up for coffee when I am in town. Email me your number or call mine. I recently got a new phone y ahora yo no tengo nadie en mi telefono. I might see you in a few weeks if I can get back down there.