Thursday, April 19, 2007


I found out recently that Dr. Meredith Kline, former professor at Westminster West, passed away on Friday, April 13th (one day before my birthday). Dr. Kline contributed much to Old Testament studies, particularly with regards to ancient Near-eastern suzerain-vassal treaties.

Although there was much about Kline's theology which was alarming (particularly the framework hypothesis, his sharp dichotomy between secular and sacred, and his view of some of the OT miracles), it is refreshing to realize that he is with our Lord, seeing Christ face to face.

May Dr. Kline rest in peace, and may our Lord comfort those who are mourning this precious loss.


Anonymous said...

I thought Jesus loves all. Can you at least accept the fact that Cho considered himself a Christian?
Follow that up with an apology to all the other faiths, including the Jew/Buddhist and Muslims that he murdered on that tragic day....That would be the most Christian thing that you could do.

Josh Brisby said...


You commented on the wrong blog entry, but that is OK.

Saying that Jesus loves all raises several questions. In what way does He love all? Psalm 5:5 and 11:5 mention that there are those that God hates. It is vital that we take all of Scripture as a systematic whole, and not pick and choose that which appeals to us only. Does He love those who are suffering under His eternal wrath in hell? In what way?

Your mentioning that I should apologize to the other faiths is the most "Christian" thing for me to do shows that you, respectfully, fail to recognize what Jesus Himself said: He is the only Way to the Father (John 14:6). I think the most Christian thing for me to do would be to take Jesus at His Word.