Thursday, May 24, 2007


This morning, I am glad to be a Calvinist.

My family just left to go to Gabriel's MRI. The kids are going to be at a friend's house from church (except Owen, who is still on the breast).

I know that to some, anesthesia is just routine. But as a father who loves my son deeply, it was hard for me to not wonder, What if this is the last time I see Gabriel?

I can't go back to sleep. Too many thoughts running in my head.

But this is why I am so thankful to believe in God's sovereignty.

Many Christians believe in God's sovereignty, but I dare say not to a biblical extent. The Reformed faith is deeply and intensely practical.

I just visited my wifey's blog, in which I reread the lyrics to that wonderful hymn, "Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right." I remember singing that hymn at the memorial service of the wife of one of the elders of my church, astounded and blown away at the beauty of God's people.

What comfort! What hope! What security in the midst of trials!

You see, Islam believes in a fatalistic view of predestination, but the Bible teaches predestination inclusive of means, and, most of all, guided by God's infinite wisdom and loving hand. This is the doctrine of divine providence.

But on the other hand, many Christians today do not go far enough with God's sovereignty. "God ordained ALL things? What do you mean? Are you telling me that He has decided from all eternity who is going to heaven and who is going to hell? Are you telling me that it can't be any other way?"

That is what the Bible says. How can we have any hope at all if God is not in control of even the smallest details of life? Consider a snowflake that falls from the sky. Did you know that each and every snowflake is carefully crafted by God? Did you know that each one is intricate in detail? Did you know that each one is different--at least so far as our inductive reasoning can tell us?

You see, if God has not ordained everything, then that means that there are things that are not under His control. This would be utter chaos, and there would be no hope. How could there be order to such an event? This is part-atheism. This is like saying order can come from disorder, and that something can come from nothing. This "god" would be the "god" of open theism, which is really the "god" of atheism.

This is ultimately why there are only two religions, although all religions would fall on the spectrum: Calvinism, and atheism.

But I know that, whatever happens this morning with Gabriel's MRI, that it was ordained of my loving Heavenly Father. He has ordained whatever happens because He loves me, and He is committed to His glory. He works all things out to the counsel of His own will (Eph. 1:11). Nothing can happen apart from His divine decree (Lam. 3:37-38).

But the truest love of all is the love that continually conforms me to the Image of Christ.

This is why I am a Calvinist. God has ordained all things, and He is faithful to His covenant. He is sanctifying His Bride, the Church. He continually shapens us and moulds us into the image of His dear Son.

O Lord, help me to trust You. Thank You that I can rest in the fact that You have ordained all things. Whatever happens today, let me rest in You, the Most Wise, Sovereign, Author of Salvation. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


April said...

We are praying for you friends and entrusting you to our All-Wise Sovereign Lord. Please keep us posted...I've been thinking about you all a lot the last few days.

Josh Brisby said...

Sister April,

Thank you for praying for us. Gabriel is doing well and back to normal, praise our Lord! We will know in about four days what they found in the MRI. Please continue to pray.

We are also praying for you as well, that God would continually grant you strength and comfort.