Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Some of my favorite albums/bands currently:

As I Lay Dying, "An Ocean Between Us".

This album is absolutely amazing Christian metal/hardcore/"scream-o". Back when I was in my first band "The Big Cheeze," their drummer was in a band called Edge of Mortality. I used to get up on stage with them and they let me be the guest singer (more like "screamer") for the Overcome song "Sacrificed." Later, when As I Lay Dying first became a band, and when I was in Flight 180, at a battle of the bands in Point Loma I was asked to be a guest judge. I voted for As I Lay Dying when they played. Guess who won that battle of the bands. Yup. Of course.

The album "An Ocean Between Us" is amazing musically and lyrically. My wife and I are going to see them at Soma on November 30th. I can't wait!

Mae, "The Everglow."

This album is kind of in the emo/rock genre. It is beautiful rock music with piano. Track 2 is especially amazing. When this album first came out, I danced with Gabriel, my son, to track 2, which is an ethereal-sounding piano song. Every time I hear it it is so hard for me to hold back tears. It makes me think of how much I love my son and how much I want what is best for him.

Mae is with Tooth and Nail Records, which is one of the divisions of the record label my band was on a while back. (We were with B.E.C. Recordings.)

Extol, "Synergy."

This band is on Solid State Records, the hardcore/metal division of Tooth and Nail Records. Their musicianship is amazing. Lyrically, they are theologically right on--at least in this album. the ironic thing is that this band is Pentecostal/Arminian. Funny how Arminians really are Calvinists when it comes down to the grind.

Jimmy Eat World, "Clarity."

I saw Jimmy live. You know a band is good when live they sound like their produced album. Well, that's Jimmy for ya. Clarity is probably one of the most beautiful emo-rock albums I have ever heard.

The above is just a sampling of what I like to listen to. All praise be to the Triune God, the Maker and Creator of music!

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Soma's gonna be fun =)