Friday, December 07, 2007


Hello friends! The Lord has been gracious to me and my family! Today, after one month on the diet, I now weigh 236.2!

Almost half-way there! Praises to our sovereign God!


RMMahoney said...

Glad to hear it. How does this diet work long term?

Josh Brisby said...


The diet is with the Kaiser Permanente Positive Choice program. You have to attend weekly classes and you pay $110 a week, plus maintenance fees, so it's expensive, but well worth it. They give you some formula called Optifast and you get five of them a day, plus two Hot 'N' Slim soups if you wish, so it's either 420 or 510 calories a day.

I have been working out every day except the Lord's Day, and I also have a personal trainer. I plan on, after I reach my goal, eating six small meals a day and keeping an active lifestyle (training and working out), using common sense in the foods I choose and how often I eat them, and weighing myself every day to keep close tabs. For myself, that is what I just have to do.

Anonymous said...

Did you take a before and after picture of yourself?

Josh Brisby said...


I have a before picture, both side and front profile. I will take an after picture when I meet my goal. But, even after that my goal is to get ripped. :0)

hubbardmommy said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. Just found your site -- in the midst of reading J. Stuart Russell's "The Parousia" and needed a break. I'm a recovering Baptist who never quite bought into the pre-trib interpretation and have spent the past 25 years asking pesky questions every time the topic arose in Sunday School.
But I digress from the diet post. Since last January I've lost 95 pounds on a similar diet at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. With my hubby in Iraq I figured I should do something radical for the year. Rejoice that you are learning to rely on the Holy Spirit's promised fruit of self-control and NOT drugs or surgery. You will learn far more this way. I know I have.
I'll pray for you, brother. No journey worth taking is easy.

Josh Brisby said...

Hubbard Mommy,

Please be careful with "The Parousia." The book promotes a heresy called full preterism which teaches that Christ already returned. Perhaps I will post on this in the future.