Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hello readers,

I am pleased to welcome an Eastern Orthodox man by the name of Jay Dyer to my blog. He contributes to . Jay is formerly Reformed and formerly Tridentine Roman Catholic who came to the Eastern Orthodox religion in 2006. I have spoken with him over the phone as well and he is very enjoyable and cordial to speak with. I welcomed him to a debate on my blog. He will be posting it on his blog as well.

Jay will have an introduction of himself so you can all get to know him.

The debate topic will be in the form of a question: "Is Eastern Orthodox or Reformed Baptist Christianity the True Faith?"

The format will be as follows:

Part 1: Mr. Dyer's Opening Statement
Part 2: Mr. Brisby's Opening Statement
Part 3: Mr. Dyer's Rebuttal of Mr. Brisby's Opening Statement
Part 4: Mr. Brisby's Rebuttal of Mr. Dyer's Opening Statement
Part 5: Mr. Dyer Cross-Examines Mr. Brisby (Six Questions)
Part 6: Mr. Brisby Cross-Examines Mr. Dyer (Six Questions)
Part 7: Mr. Brisby's Closing Statement
Part 8: Mr. Dyer's Closing Statement
Part 9: Blog Readers' Q & A (to either blog writer)

Once again I would like to welcome Jay to The Reformed Oasis. It should be a good debate. Thanks Jay, and welcome to The Reformed Oasis!


BJ said...

How long of a turn over is there between exchanges?

Jay Dyer said...

my opening statement is up.


Anonymous said...

Here's the direct link to Jay's opening statement:

Josh Brisby said...


Thanks. Welcome again to The Reformed Oasis! I look forward to our debate.


There is no limit of time between exchanges, but I will try to not keep people waiting.

ruberad said...

What is your desired policy on the blogiverse weighing in with comments before all your statements are composed/posted? (composted? what am I saying about your writing?)

Josh Brisby said...


I thought about that, and I would desire that all questions and comments be held until the Q & A. If any are brought before then, I will probably copy and paste them to the Q & A time.