Saturday, March 08, 2008


Thank you to all who have been praying for us. For the record, we are convinced of the paedobaptist position.

Most of the hard part is now over. We have told both our families. We were raised Baptists, but Angela's parents are supportive, and my mom believes as well that our children are in the covenant.

But please continue to pray for us. Tomorrow, we will be visiting a new church, the Oceanside United Reformed Church ( ). We are in a scary time right now because we were with Grace Bible Church for so long, and our souls were taken care of so well over there. We honestly don't know how any church could compare. It's kind of like I could never imagine myself remarrying if Angela were to die, because I don't think that anyone could compare to her.

Please pray that the Lord would make this transition time as smooth as possible for us. Pray that our souls and the souls of our children would be fed with Word and Sacrament. Please also pray that we would have shepherds that would care for us even as we were cared for at GBC.

We know the Lord will take care of us. It's just a scary time for us right now.

O Lord, You know that we are fragile. You know how sinful I am. Please, Lord, feed us. Cause us, especially during this time, to rest in You. We do thank You for opening our eyes to Your covenant promises to us and to our children, but we know that it also involves so many changes in our life. Would You be pleased, Almighty Father, to comfort us during this time? Please feed us with Your Word and with Christ's Body and Blood. Please strengthen us to rest in Christ. Please let us be surrounded by Your Church. We are scared. Please let us be taken care of. Grant us in our new church godly elders who love their work and love to shepherd their flock. Grant us elders who are ministers of and not above Your Word and who consider themselves simply undershepherds as accountable to the Great Shepherd of the sheep. Use us, O Lord, to Your glory. For the sake of Christ our Savior we pray. Amen.


Josh Brisby said...

Thank you also to all who were especially praying for Angela. The Lord has granted in His mercy that we are in complete agreement about this both in our heads and in our hearts. That is big, because when I wrestled with this 7 months ago my head was there, but not my heart; and 7 months ago, Angela was not where I was. The Lord has been very gracious in all of this. The difficult part now is finding a new church. Please pray for us in this transition time.

Gospel.or.Death said...

"Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you."

Josh Brisby said...

Gospel or Death,

Thank you for those comforting words from our Lord. I appreciate how you have always blessed me here with words of encouragement. Truly you are a welcome guest here at The Reformed Oasis. The Lord's peace be upon you.

RubeRad said...

It was great to see you guys Sat. night; I'm sorry it didn't work out that all of our group could hang out together, but certainly it was more important that you spend some time with Pr. Hyde.

So how was your visit Sunday morning?

Josh Brisby said...

Brother Reuben,

Thank you for asking. It was good to see you guys too. Our visit went very well on Sunday. We also went to Danny's house afterwards and fellowshipped. So far, things look good. Thanks for your prayers--please continue to pray for us.

Jnorm888 said...

What about Paedo-communion?


Josh Brisby said...


See my response to you on the post entitled "Clarification."

Also, I noticed you're Eastern Orthodox. Have you been following the debate between me and Dyer?

Welcome to The Reformed Oasis.

Jnorm888 said...

I'm just starting to read the debate.

The Canon issue is only a problem for Protestants. I saw that before I converted to E.O.

Christians never really had a 100% unified canon....and that never stopped them from being in communion with eachother.


I think Sola Scriptura stands or falls on the issue of the Canon.

If there has always been multiple canons then Sola scriptura falls.

IF there was always one canon then sola scriptura stands.

Protestants must believe that there was laways one canon......but that's a myth.

But anyway.....I'm just starting to read the debate right now.


Pastor Matt Singleton said...

Responding to Jnorm,
If one argues that differences of canon defeat sola scriptura. Then then the entire doctrine of inspiration never existed.
This truly man made religion. The idea that a man could alter a bible, and therefore God must change His message.
At it's essence this is all idolatry. God is Sovereign. Not man. You will either learn this in life or death.
If God is Sovereign, he can accomplish His mission and message.
Whether EOC or RCC you have people unqualified to be consider either saints or church members attacking the scriptures which condemn them.