Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yesterday I saw rage in my own heart.

My family and I were at my children's karate class. As the kids were waiting in line to practice some kicking moves, my son Gabriel, who is autistic, was showing the girl in front of him what it's like for a duck to quack. The girl's father mistook that as Gabriel spitting on her. He said to my wife in a rude way, "You wanna keep your son in check? He's spittin' on my daughter! That's rude!". My wife spoke with Gabriel. I didn't hear the rest of the conversation, but she apologized to the man, mentioning that Gabriel is autistic and he doesn't know any better. "Apparently not!", the man said.

I had Gabriel go and apologize to the little girl, and the man said "Look he's doing it again!". My wife and the man's wife told him correctly that Gabe was just apologizing. "Oh," the man said.

I was already upset with the guy. But on our way home, my wife was in tears. This made me want to literally beat the guy to a bloody pulp.

But, praise be to God, the God of all mercy, that I spoke with one of my brothers in the Lord on the phone about this today. This brother, before the Lord saved him, used to get in fights a lot and even did underground fights.

"I don't fight anymore," my friend told me.

"But when is it OK to fight as Christians?", I asked. "When someone is physically attacking you or your family," my friend replied.

"But he verbally abused my wife!", I mentioned. But my friend quickly and rightly responded that I was idolizing my wife. Furthermore, he pointed out that the Lord Jesus was reviled and despised of men. He was called names, and even spat upon.

Our Lord never retaliated. He turned the other cheek.

That man will be there probably during the next time my kids have karate. Nothing needs to be done or said. What do I do if he speaks rudely again? I tell him that we are adults, and that being rude is not becoming of us.

If he wants to fight, I tell him that we are not in high school, and that I don't fight.


You see, I had been spending all this time mortifying only a few sins in my life, putting all my energy in killing them particularly. But my friend gave me a good analogy. What would happen if a military at war spent all their power with their front flank only? They would get attacked from the rear. That is why they have rear guard as well. They protect themselves on all sides.

This is how we must mortify sin. If we only battle a few sins, the flesh and the enemy will attack us in other sins.

Indeed, we must kill all sins. We are at war.

Yesterday, I saw rage in my heart that I thought was never there. I got a dose of my own medicine.

All praises to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Thanks again to Jay Dyer for a good debate.

We now open the floor to you, our blog readers, to direct questions to me (Protestant) or to Jay (Orthodox).

While the questions are being asked, please help us out by *not* interacting with other readers, but by keeping the questions directed to me or to Jay.

When the questions have subsided after a while, then the Q & A will close.

We now turn the floor to you, our readers, to direct questions to either me or Jay.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Lord has been good to me. The most I ever weighed in my life was 278. My wife used to be so worried about me. Something clicked. I said to myself, "No more, Josh."

After my 5-month liquid diet, I now weigh 200 even!

The lowest I weighed on this diet was 197, but I did a bit o' cheatin'. :0)

So, do pray for me, because now, the real test begins.

Will I keep it off?

Only time will tell.

This is a life-long battle, just like sanctification.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Jay Dyer's closing statement is up. Use the link below and click on part 8. Since it was fairly long, Jay had to cut it short. I will refer my readers to his finished portion when it is up as well. Part 9, the Q & A for our readers, will take place on my blog this week sometime.

Thank you Jay for a good and intellectually-stimulating debate.

Here is the link for all parts of the debate:

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


My friend Paul Manata recently reviewed an excellent book which I think will be very useful to the Christian community: James Anderson's Paradox In Christian Theology. Anderson argues that in the history of the church, the heretics have always either gone too far with logic to the expense of mystery, or too far with mystery to the expense of logic. He argues for what constitutes a biblical paradox. Many Christians do not like or even think there is paradox in Scripture. Anderson makes a great case that both the Trinity and the Incarnation are indeed paradoxes.

You can read my friend's review by clicking on the link below:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hello all. Angela and I are in the process of "courting" the Escondido Orthodox Presbyterian Church ( ). If all works out, we will be seeking membership there. One of our elders at Grace Bible Church suggested giving it a couple of months. I think this is good advice.

So far, all is working well. I hope that it works out. Angela and I are burnt out from all of this. However, the light is dawning and the pain is slowly subsiding. The difficulty of course will be the official dissolution of membership at our Reformed Baptist church, but we need to do what we think is best according to our conscience.

Please continue to pray for us. We will continue to keep you all updated.