Wednesday, April 02, 2008


My friend Paul Manata recently reviewed an excellent book which I think will be very useful to the Christian community: James Anderson's Paradox In Christian Theology. Anderson argues that in the history of the church, the heretics have always either gone too far with logic to the expense of mystery, or too far with mystery to the expense of logic. He argues for what constitutes a biblical paradox. Many Christians do not like or even think there is paradox in Scripture. Anderson makes a great case that both the Trinity and the Incarnation are indeed paradoxes.

You can read my friend's review by clicking on the link below:


Paul Manata said...

A point of Clarification: I don't think James would call *all* the people who opted for rationality over orthodoxy, or offended rationality to save orthodoxy, *heretics.*

Jay Dyer said...


I lost your phone number because its no longer in my cell phone (since we haven't talked in a while). Im about to post the closing statement, by the way.

Call me so i can actually write down your number this time.

And your two reasons for not being paedocommunion are bogus...


Jay Dyer said...
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