Sunday, June 22, 2008


We are making available a room for rent in our house. The room is good size, fully furnished with bed, shelf space for books, office desks, and a window and closet. The renter will have free utilities and will have their own bathroom designated for them. They will also have their own shelf space in our refrigerator and pantry. They will furthermore have full access to our washer and dryer.

The renter must be a Christian in good standing with their local church. Reformed Christian is preferred.

Please let anyone interested know about this as well.

Any interested parties may contact me at .


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didnt call, but I got busy. Tell Paul Manata I concede to his post on all my personal flaws. He is correct, and I'm worse than he says. I tried posting there, but couldn't.

Perhaps we can chat soon.


Josh Brisby said...


I'll try calling you today. Thanks.