Thursday, June 12, 2008


Do you remember when you were a kid? When you had no worries about bills, budgets, finances, weight loss, which church to join, etc., etc., etc.?

I have been very stressed out lately thinking about our financial situation and our church situation. By God's grace, we are looking into membership at the Oceanside United Reformed Church. (We need weekly Table. We tried otherwise but just couldn't.) However, today I realized that our former church is having their annual family camp even as I type this. If we were still Baptists, chances are we would be there right there with them, fellowshipping and enjoying each other.

I know that we will grow in our new church. But it's because of our theological transition on the proper subjects of baptism that I have to be saddened by this.

Today, also, I did a budget and I realized that I am not making near enough at my current job to pay the bills. But I know I love my job there. I know the Lord will provide somehow. I have thought of looking into a second job. I don't want to change jobs. I love working at my job. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I remembered today when I was a kid and didn't have to worry about all this stuff. I wanted to go back. But I know I can't go back. I'm 31 and a father of five children and a wife who all need me.

But then I realized something that made me tear up happily. My children are happy. They have not a care in the world. And it's because I have cares and budgets and finances and decisions to make, and they don't, that they are so happy.

And it hit me further. The reason I had not a care in the world when I was a kid was because my dad took those cares on himself. He had those cares so I didn't have to.

As long as my children are happy and have not a care in the world, I am happy.

Where did all the simplicity in life go?

It passed on to my kids.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Gospel.or.Death said...

EOPC's loss is OURC's gain.

Josh Brisby said...


You have been so good to us and so understanding.

We would still love to have you and your wife over for dinner. Seriously. E-mail me at and I'll give you my #.

Love you brother.

Anonymous said...

I reflect on this same topic pretty often myself.


Gospel.or.Death said...


Not ignoring you, doing an internship in Chicago.


Josh Brisby said...


I wish you the best with your internship. Let us at The Reformed Oasis know how it goes. --Josh

Michael Spotts: . said...

Great post, thanks for the reality check, Josh.