Monday, July 21, 2008


I am convinced the role of The Joker killed Heath Ledger.

I just saw "The Dark Knight" with my friend last Saturday. All I can say is, it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

And I will never watch it again.

Friends and readers, "The Dark Knight" is also one of the most, if not the most, disturbing films I have ever seen. Why is this?

The movie gives us a direct peek into the sin nature. The Joker is a sadistic mass-murderer, and one who revels in it.

Besides the gore (and especially the disgusting gore of even looking at the face of the character "Two-Face"), what disturbed me the most about the movie was that the utter sinfulness of the sin nature cannot be put into words.

I literally lost sleep over this movie. I can't express how intensely disturbing the film was.

Would I recommend my readers to see this movie? That, of course, is up to you. I will not allow my wife to see it. This movie is not for the faint of heart.

The sin nature is so vile that we don't even understand it. The scary thing to me is that we are all Jokers.

Lord, save me from myself.


Jnorm888 said...

Thank you for your thoughts. I was going to see it yesturday, but changed my mind at the last minute.

I knew there was something about the new batman series that I didn't like. It seemed too real to me. I never saw the last movie either.

It seems like they wanted to make this Batman more realistic than the series that came out in the 1990's

Do you think children should stay away from this movie?


Josh Brisby said...


Yes, I would strongly recommend that children not see this movie. I have read similar recommendations from articles online as well.

Thanks for dropping by.

Reuben said...

T&I saw it last night, in a very rare movie outing (usually we just have innings!)

I agree with you that it was a great movie, and maybe I'm more strong-stomached or weak-conscienced, but I didn't have quite the negative reaction you did.

I thought it was interesting -- the movie seemed to have a pretty good handle on total depravity, especially wrt the "White Knight", whose personal idols became clear at the end.

But the whole thing with the ferries seemed to soften that point by asserting that really, we can depend on some inner goodness in man to always shine through.

And yes, do NOT take small children to this movie. I wouldn't even let kids see the more comic-booky 1,2,3 until teenagers. But these Christian Bale ones are much darker. And the joker and twoface makeup jobs are truly disturbing.

Anonymous said...


I'm with Rube. I read your post here on Monday night and immediately called Ron to see if he'd go see it with me. As expected, I just had to read your first couple statements to him and I had him hooked.

What a great movie! And, I must have a stomach as strong as Rube's too (our consciences are just fine, thank you ;) ).


Reuben said...

And wasn't the ending an argument for the necessity of imputation of guilt? Now if there were only a way, after imputing our guilt to another, we could have righteousness imputed to us...

Paul Manata said...

My wife and I saw it.

I'm with Rube and Jeff.

I appreciate the aspect that sometimes to beat evil, puppy dogs and kittens don't do the job.

And I don't think the role killed Ledger either. Certainly not enough evidence to warrant being "convinced" about it.

Josh Brisby said...

When Jack Nicholson heard about Ledger's death, he said: "Well, I warned him."

From what I read, Ledger had no formal training in acting--particularly the importance of being able to break from the role back to reality.

Ledger was on sleeping pills and had numerous sleepless nights while making the film. He also struggled with his own personality while making the film.

There are several articles online about this. Indeed, I think there is strong evidence that the role, at least inadvertently, contributed to his death.

Josh Brisby said...

Also not sure what you mean by "to beat evil, puppy dogs and kittens can't do the job." I most certainly agree about that. :0)

Anonymous said...


How would you rank the film "Just Cause"? That's the one I let you and Ang borrow when you were here in Ga.

BTW....I am not sure what, other than pills, killed Ledger. My personal opinion is if Broke Back Mountain didn't kill him, the Joker role sure wouldn't:)

Needless to say, Ledger was a "sick" soul, indeed.


Josh Brisby said...


Yikes, I remember now--I had to go to answers dot com but I remember. Holy cow, Ed Harris' character freaked me out.

Not one I would watch again as well--but another excellent movie.

Anonymous said...