Friday, September 26, 2008


This morning, I am thankful for the simplicity that is in Christ.

Gracious Lord, thank You for revealing Who the Father is to us in Christ Your Son. Thank You that He has fulfilled all the righteous and terrifying demands of the Law. Thank You for the simplicity of the gospel. Thank You, Lord Jesus, Son of God, friend of sinners, for taking away my sins and completing the Law for me. Thank You for giving me Your Body and Blood in Your precious Table. Thank You for coming to me in Your Word preached. Thank You for bringing me into union with You by Your precious Holy Spirit. Thank You for granting us a church body that knows and loves You and Your people. Thank You for providing all my needs, especially my need of atonement and redemption. Thank You, Father, for adopting me, justifying me, regenerating me, sanctifying me, keeping me, and ultimately in advance I thank You for preserving me in the most holy faith by Your Holy Spirit.

Most Holy God, may Christ be displayed more and more in my life. Use me, O Lord, to bring the good news of the gospel to my fellow sinners.

In Christ's Name, and all the glory is Yours. Amen.

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