Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The Lord Jesus Christ is on every page of Holy Scripture. But the gospel is so foreign to our law-oriented thinking, that it takes a miracle of sovereign grace to reveal the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you seen Jesus Christ? Have you seen Him with the eye of faith? Have you seen your own sinfulness with the eye of faith? Have you come to the point where you *know* that nothing within you, even with the help of God, can lead you to attain eternal salvation?

Have you come to the point where you know that God is holy and His standard is complete perfection? Have you seen that God cannot be holy if He were to grade on a curve?

Have you seen, with the eye of faith, that God has provided His perfect righteousness as a covering at the cross of Jesus Christ? Have you seen that it is God Who is *for* us if Christ is revealed to us?

Have you seen the friendly heart of Christ? Have you seen the Father revealed to us in the perfection of His Son?

O Christ, You are the perfect Lamb of God. You are the only One Who can save me. I confess that You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God. You are the only Way to the Father. Apart from You, I am nothing. I praise You, Lord Jesus, for Your perfect work. I praise You for Your perfect fulfillment of the Law. I praise You for taking my penalty on the cross. I praise You for suffering the wrath of the Father, for me. I praise You that Your perfect work was accepted by the Father, and that He proved that by raising You from the dead. I praise You that You reign and will return for me. I praise You for keeping me. I praise You for loving me, the chief of sinners.

Lord Jesus, You are beautiful beyond comparison. Forgive me for my sinfulness and my sins. Let me serve You, O Lord, forever.

Make me more and more Your slave.

In Your precious Name, Jesus, my Messiah, Savior, Defender, Redeemer, Lord, and Friend.



Anonymous said...


The theme of Ligoner this year the Holiness of God.

I hope I can make it this year.


Adam Doherty said...

I have seen god with my own eyes. I started praying to gim for some help i need with my friends. I felt something, i could just tell that,that,Was the Lord Jesus Christ. I looked to my left and he was there, on out line of out Lord! He was marviouls, his voice was
As smooth as silk, and before i knew it he was taking my hand. I felt a gental squize and then a slight shock pass throught my body! He has 100% changed my way of life!
I Love You Lord
P.s. The prayer in your blogg was amazing!