Friday, November 21, 2008


We will *never* send our kids to public schools.

We will *never* teach at a public school.

We will *never* abandon Van Tillianism.

We will *never* have our children baptized before they profess faith.

We will *never* use birth control.

We will most certainly *never* get a vasectomy.

We will *never* embrace two kingdoms theology.

We will *never* see a psychiatrist.

We will *never* use psychology.

We will *never* abandon postmillennialism.

We will *never* embrace the law/gospel dichotomy hermeneutic.

We will *never* tell our children that God loves them until they profess faith (after 357 times and only after their profession is satisfactory to us).

We will *never*, no never, do any or all of these things.




Josh Brisby said...

The Lord has a wonderful sense of humor.

Anonymous said...
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Josh Brisby said...

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

Welcome to The Reformed Oasis. Your post was removed simply because we do not accept anonymous comments here; you may use the anonymous feature as long as you include your name in your comment.

Again, welcome to The Reformed Oasis.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am checking out your website b/c I remember hearing that you fairly recently embraced paedobaptism. I was looking around on the site to find some of your basis for "altering your position" when I saw this post. As an outsider, I don't understand this post. Could you clarify it's significance? Is it written in a facetious way? Again, I am doing some reading to learn more about paedobaptism. And I wonder if your experience could help. thanks, josh!
-Herbert VanderLugt